Retrains the body to heal itself

SCENAR Therapy is a highly effective and lasting form of natural pain relief.  Originally developed by scientists and doctors for the Russian space programme (to overcome the unique problems of space travel where medication couldn’t be used), the SCENAR Pro is now being used routinely in hospitals by medical professionals and top athletes.

SCENAR is gentle and soothing, practical and cost-effective. It has no negative side effects and simply mobilises the body’s own natural resources, often helping conditions that resist other therapies.  As well as removing pain, SCENAR helps with sleep, stress, increased mobility and enables fast returns to work. It can be used alongside mainstream medicine and tests conducted in Russia have shown that SCENAR proves to be effective in 80% of cases treated.


The S.C.E.N.A.R; Self-Controlled Energy Neural Adaptive Regulation

Sore-kneeThe aim of a SCENAR treatment is to stimulate the body’s own healing powers by emitting an electromagnetic signal which is almost identical to the human nerve signal. This signal travels along special types of nerve fibres (C fibres) to the brain, which results in the production of neuropeptides which rapidly advance healing. In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides, SCENAR action must be given quite often.  A course of treatments will vary from individual to individual, and takes into account such factors as the stage of the pathological process, the person’s age, state of health, and so on.

When SCENAR is applied to the point of pain, the brain also releases endorphins, the body’s own powerful pain relieving substances.  The technology has been proven highly effective in relieving any pain, including neck and back pain, whiplash, aching joints, sports injuries, fractures, arthritis, RSI, headaches, IBS and sciatica; as well as for lesions and cosmetic treatments. It has also been reported to increase energy, aid sleep, improve the sense of well-being and support immune function.

The main benefits of SCENAR treatment

  • Remarkable levels of pain reduction
  • Recovery of mobility and other functions
  • Non-invasive, non-toxic, natural, gentle and free of side effects
  • Improved sleep & increase in energy
  • Often able to break through where nothing else has
  • Long-lasting or permanent results
  • Often a bargain considering its impact on a person’s ability to work and enjoy life

I have had dramatic results myself, for a perforated disc and a broken coccyx, which resulted in me purchasing and training in this remarkable device.  The breadth, speed and capabilities of conditions that the device treats without any side effects, makes it in my view, one of the best alternative therapies available on the market.

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