SCENAR pain relief at watersports competition in Hayling Island, Hampshire

Tasha Ault has just received some feedback from a family that were treated at the National Windsurfing Competition the other week.

Tasha Ault and Jenny Sapseid treated over 80 people in 3 days but one family struck a cord. The young boy was entering competitions but had a broken lower leg which was not in a cast but a removable boot. This gave Jen the opportunity to treat right over the break.

The father had back problems but was a real skeptic but still had a treatment and we discussed the science behind it and he was fascinated. Here is the testimonial, amazing job girls:

Hi there,

you might remember us from the National Windsurfing Festival at Hailing Island. My son had a broken leg and your colleague (Jen) treated it 3 times over the weekend.

You will be pleased to know that the following Thursday we met the hospital consultant who gave Oscar the all clear to compete at the National Windsurfing Finals at Rutland Sailing Club.

Oscar competed in nearly all the races over the weekend, eight races which lasted about 45 minutes each. His leg ached a little bit but he was very pleased he could take part.

He didn’t win any races but I think that he had forgotten he had broken his leg 4 weeks earlier!

Thank you so much for introducing us to this technology, we have recommended it to so many people.

Even Dad (Mr skeptic) says his back hasn’t felt this good in ages!

Thanks again.

Kind regards

P.S Oscar has this weekend returned to cycling his bike and his paper round!

SCENAR Pain Relief at the National Watersports Event
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