Because I’ve experienced what it is like to live with a debilitating and chronic condition, I understand that you need to feel comfortable and trust me so that I can enable you to enjoy a better life free; naturally and drug free.

Therefore I never rush appointments and in addition to the treatment, always take a holistic view to your condition.

Working together, I will help you achieve better health through improved nutrition and enhanced well-being so that you get the best results quickly, easily and naturally; meaning you can spend more time doing what you want, whether that is walking to the shops, playing sports, returning to work or footie with the grandkids.

Individual therapy sessions are priced as per the following.

Indian Head Massage:     £40     (45 Mins)

Cycloidal Massage:           £35     (30 Mins)

SCENAR Therapy:            £60     (45 Mins)

Any 2 Treatments:            £70     (60 Mins)
(at same appointment)

To book an appointment or organise a free 20 minute phone consultation simply click here or call 023 8000 7246.