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The Full-body wellbeing system

Cycloidal Vibration Technology (CVT) was serendipitously discovered in a Canadian coal mine in the 1930’s. Curiously the workers using Wettlaufer’s coal-sorting machine were reporting therapeutic side effects from leaning up against the machine during their breaks. Inspired by the claims of muscular and joint pain relief, the positive effects on the body were researched and the Cyclo-Ssage Massage Therapy System was developed.

Cycloidal Vibration relaxes muscles and is able to penetrate deep tissues and act on muscles that are normally hard to access by conventional forms of massage.  Research into the effects of Cycloidal Vibration Technology have shown the therapy to release tension in striated muscle and maintain relaxation in the associated spasms for several hours after treatment, providing therapeutic relief and an improved quality of life.

How does Cycloidal Therapy Work?

sore neck pain relief using cycloidal massage therapyCycloidal Vibration produces a multi-directional, non-percussive action, which increases blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating deep muscle activity. It is a non-invasive action allowing muscles to relax and circulation to be improved without aggravating any skeletal or joint problems.

Some Important implications from research are that Cycloidal Vibration Technology has a place in not only promoting muscle relaxation, but it is also able to achieve the same benefits of massage where massage would be too painful or inaccessible and it also supports the maintenance of flexibility during injury.

The Benefits of Infrared Therapy

Infrared Heat Therapy effectively helps to increase blood circulation without putting strain on the heart and it increases the levels of oxygen and white cells in the blood. It also stimulates the production of collagen (a building block for human tissue) in the body and helps to rid the body of toxins. This will result in a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health, and a faster ability to heal from soft tissue injuries such as tears, pulls and sprains.

Physical and Mental Well-being

One in five people suffer from workplace stress, with half a million people reporting they have become ill as a result. Massage can play a vital role in a health and wellbeing routine and is an excellent way to relieve stress both mentally and physically. The Cyclo-ssage System is a cost effective and easy way to provide massage.

The Cyclo-ssage System is an excellent tool to encourage and engage people in their personal well-being, promoting health in a positive and rewarding way.  A major benefit of massage is the relief from pain due to musculoskeletal injuries and other causes. Massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals. These chemicals increase relaxation and help reduce ‘stress chemicals’ such as cortisol and noradrenaline.

sore neck pain relief by Clcloidal massage is medically approvedOur physical and mental well-being are very closely linked; massage can even help reduce high blood pressure and heart rate, relieve anxiety and improve sleep.

This is a very safe treatment, it is non-invasive and deeply relaxing.  You don’t need to remove your clothes and it has many benefits as well as easing muscle spasm, it alleviates pain associated with the secondary symptoms of many arthritis and joint mobility problems, as well as helping to promote healing after injury and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise.

The Cycloidal Massage Therapy System has been tested with thermal imagery to show the physical improvement of blood flow to all tissues after just one fifteen minute treatment.

Conditions that are alleviated with Cycloidal Massage

General aches and pains, Raised blood pressure, Stress and anxiety, Neck or shoulder ache, Arthritis or joint stiffness, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Poor lymphatic circulation or oedema, Degenerative joint disease, Sleep deprivation, Upper or lower back pain, Headaches or migraine, Circulation or respiratory problems, Sciatica or muscle spasms, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia or ME, Digestive or abdominal problems, Muscular dis trophy, Lack of energy or chronic fatigue and Sport injuries.

Benefits of Cycloidal Massage
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