Would you like to benefit from a natural and drug free treatment that guides the body to self-heal so that you can live a pain-free, full and active life again?

We create tailor made plans for your specific ailments and use breakthrough methods such as an FDA approved therapy used by scientists and doctors in the space program, a powerful bed therapy proven to decrease pain and much more. Read on to discover how we can help you feel young again the easy way…

If you are worried that you will never find a cure for your excruciating back pain, fed up living like a prisoner in your own home because of your debilitating chronic condition or just had enough of enduring a long medical process with no relief from your symptoms then keep reading.

At Alternative Pain Relief, we specialise in using scientifically proven and drug free alternative methods of pain relief and natural healing so that our clients can live a full and active life.

This is what Steve said just after a couple of treatments with us.

“My back is far better today than it has ever been. I was struggling to walk for a few weeks but it is now far more manageable than it has been since it started. From taking strong pain killers and being off work, I was amazed at my accelerated healing after just a couple of treatments! I am currently looking after a friend’s dog, so I’ve done a bit of walking today. I’m on the mend and back at work, thank you”.

Tasha Ault | Alternative Pain Relief Southampton, Hampshire Practicing SCENAR Therapy, Cycloidal Massage and Indian Head Massage
Tasha Ault – Pain Relief Specialist

Hi! My name is Tasha, and please let me introduce myself so that you understand why I want to help you and how I can relate to the suffering you’re currently experiencing.

Twenty years ago I found myself at the beginning of a long, excruciating and distressing journey when I seriously hurt my back working with in the health care industry. Initially my doctor diagnosed it as a muscular condition. However after being signed off sick from work for many months and when chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy didn’t help, he reluctantly referred me for an MRI scan.

I can still clearly remember that awful day when the specialist told me the devastating news that one of the discs in my spine was so badly perforated that the only option was surgery to fuse my spine and give me a blue badge.
I couldn’t believe it! I was only in my early twenties and here I was being told I had no other choice to be classed as permanently disabled….. I felt absolutely helpless.

But I made a decision that changed my life forever. I was not going to accept what the Doctor said as I knew there just had to be a better way.

Fast forward twenty years and I am now fit, healthy and vibrant woman who plays active sports, goes to the gym, enjoys dog walking with the family and is no longer restricted by crippling back pain or any life limiting condition.

So, it is my belief that YOU too should also be able to live life to the full again – without having to rely on pain killers!

TashaAndClientI want to help you get the same benefits my other clients experience

  • My holistic and natural approach to pain relief has been proven to provide dramatic pain relief and improve mobility enabling you to feel confident and start enjoy life again, whether that is getting back to work, playing golf, spending time with the grandkids or going shopping.
  • Your individual tailored plan means you get the right treatment for your conditions to help alleviate your symptoms using natural non-invasive, non-toxic, gentle methods which are all free of side effects.
  • Originally developed by scientists and doctors for the Russian space programme our FDA approved SCENAR Therapy is a highly effective and lasting form of natural pain relief that promotes natural healing in the body.
  • The Cycloidal Massage Therapy Beds increase blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating deep muscle activity resulting better physical and mental well-being.
  • Using Indian Head Massage I help clients feel more relaxed and revitalised, leading to enhanced senses, clearer thinking and better sleep.
  • You will feel comfortable in our accessible and easy to find Southampton based therapy room, with on street parking right outside the door.
  • My personal wealth of knowledge means I can help you live healthier and enjoy a better quality of life by reviewing all aspects of your lifestyle.

It’s for all these reasons that my clients trust me to give them natural, drug free and holistic pain relief from many chronic conditions including debilitating back problems, the devastating effects of ME and Fibromyalgia, and the ravaging joint problems.

So, the way I see it is you have two options.

Back pain reliefThe first is to take advantage of a short no-obligation free consultation in person or over the phone to discuss your symptoms and discover how we can help you experience all the above benefits.

Or you could quit this site now but that would frustrate me because I genuinely believe I can help you enjoy a better life and fear that if you leave now then you will continue to suffer. I also worry that left unchecked your condition could slowly worsen meaning you need more pain killers, steroids or anti-depressants leading to a more difficult life.

I do not want to see you incarcerated in the invisible ‘prison’ of not being able to work and provide for your family or enjoy your retirement as you deserve.

Especially when I can get these kinds of results for my clients.

This is what some of our past customers have told us:

“I am finally free of neck pain and headaches after years of trying different treatments for whiplash, thanks to Tasha. It has made a huge difference to my everyday life, and I have stopped worrying about when the next headache will strike. Tasha is very effective with SCENAR Therapy, she is also sympathetic, patient and a great listener. If you are struggling with pain, especially chronic pain that has failed to respond to other treatments, I recommend Tasha.” – Kaye

“Hi Tasha, just to say thank you for yesterday both for the treatment for my whip lash and listening to me, it was much appreciated. My shoulder and arm are feeling better as the day goes on. My arm felt heavy and hot but as the day has gone on it has felt better and better and there is less pain now than there has been for over two weeks. I’m amazed. I experienced some tingling and itching in my arm but assume this is good and part of the healing process. I also slept better last night than I have done for weeks!”. Lynn.

“20 years ago I was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia. Having lived with constant pain ever since exacerbated by an ongoing shoulder injury, I have tried many types of treatment. Nothing seemed to work until I discovered Scenar. Thanks to this, my head, neck and shoulder pain has been relieved dramatically. I am over the moon with the improvement that can be achieved with such a non invasive treatment in just a few weeks!” – Clare

So if you are serious about enjoying a pain free life again, pick up the phone and call me on 023 8000 7628 to hear how my natural and drug-free pain relief therapies can help you live your life to the full!

The call will just take 20 minutes and I guarantee that there is no-obligation to buy anything.  I also promise to share with you at least three simple ways that you can feel better and immediately live a fuller life again!

So what have you got to lose?  Call me now or click the “Book A Discussion” below.

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